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What front pads for a 2018 XRT


Hi Guys

I have a 2018 XRT and just changed the rear pads and inspected the fronts and yes they will soon need changing. The bike is fitted with Bembro calipers. I sourced the rears OK but all the vendors I look at on Flea Bay only list to VIN 855531 and mine is of course after that.

The question is are the pads the same, ie will pre 855531 fit the 2018 Bembro calipers. Anyone changed theirs and know the answer  :187:

Sounds like you are in the same situation as me. I bought EBCHH pads to replace my front Brembo pads and they dont fit. EBC doesnt have the correct listing for my bike which is a 2018 XCA, and i cant seem to cross the Brembo pads to any other brand. :084:


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