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IZIMeeting 2019 - 10-12.05

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Dear Friends!
Biker boys and biker girls!

Let us invite you all to the IZI Meeting for the ninth time!
As usual on the second weekend of May, as usual at the Grodziec Castle.

You will find everything you like: meetings with friends, loads of good, live music, Saturday rides of different type and difficulty level.
And of course the entire profit from the event will be used in charity.

We will officially kick-off on Friday, May 10th (registration office) but you may join us already on Thursday - you will just have to make sure to bring your tent and food as there will be no attractions on that day other than honest smiles of the organizers

To sum it up:
Where: Grodziec Castle
When: 10th – 12th May 2019
How: the best way possible!

You may register here:

Pricing thresholds:
Threshold I by 31.01 ⇒ PLN 260,00 / 65,00 EUR
Threshold II by 28.02 ⇒ PLN 280,00 / 70,00 EUR
Threshold III after 1.03 and on the day of the event PLN 300,00 / 75,00 EUR

As usual the entire profit will be donated to charity related with the motorcycle community.

Kamyk - IM Team


Ladies and Gentleman, we proudly present one of the brightest stars among globetrotter bikers: Elspeth Beard! She accepted our invitation to join the IZI MEETING 2019 to tell you all the story of her incredible lone trip. The adventure she had back in the 80’s was so extreme that almost no one believed that it actually happened…

Elspeth was a 23-year old girl when she set off on her journey around the globe on a BMW R60/6. Within over two years she rode 35 000 miles, conquering illnesses, breakdowns, accidents and finally she found her place in history.

Would you like to meet her? You know the address :)

Here you have a little preview: />


Originally Posted by IZIMeeting To sum it up:
Where: Grodziec Castle
When: 10th – 12th May 2019
How: the best way possible!
Same weekend as this forums annual (UK) 'Tiger Megameet', this year in the Lake District.  :305: :305: :305: :305: :


Only 3 months are left to the opening of IZI MEETING 2019!
While time is running we are busily finalizing the last details of our event

As usual IM may not miss a good note so on Friday evening to kick the meeting off the proper way LaGuardia will play for you. The squad will set you rocking in the rhythm of the hits of your favourite legendary rock stars – and some more!

Who is already crossing out calendar dates?

...we are!!!


Listen up! What's happening here is beyond imagination! Almost entire Europe will be represented at IZI Meeting! A truly unique edition is about to kick-off :)

But...aren't we missing someone?
Don't you have your ticket yet? Then it really is a high time to get one!


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