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Metal / subtle grinding noise on releasing rear brakes ??
« on: February 05, 2019, 11:40:23 AM »
Hi guys, I don't perceive that there is any 'real' braking problem but wanted some feedback.

Firstly the bike has only got 16000 klm on it, brakes & disc perfect ... but just before I pull up at say the lights if I am on the rear brake it will give  a very brief metallic type of grunt on stopping.

I have pulled the caliper and run a file lightly over the pads to ensure that they didnt have any contamination or a small stone in there.

There is no noise or hint of it under normal braking, just that little bit s you back off before you stop.

I had considered that there wasn't any copper backing plate  on the leading pad and that/or maybe they run loose in the housing and they are moving a little bit just on that stopping back off ??

Is that normal, is there something I should do like spray down the rotor and / pad with Brake clean ... slightly grease the back of the piston on the pad ... any feedback please.

I had the rear wheel out yesterday and actually greased the rubbers on the mounting bolts and for part of my trip today it seemed quiet but on the way home in the traffic it was grunting again ..??

Live with it or is there a fix?



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