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Re: Caution when changing WP fork oil
« Reply #10 on: August 18, 2020, 07:06:09 AM »
Thanks for that clarification.  Just to be clear though,  when you say damper rod, do you mean the control rod that slides down the top damper tube and engages with the piece that fell out, or the top damper tube itself?  I'm asking as I did not think the top damper tube could be removed without dissasembling the damper cartridge.  Thanks again.

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Re: Caution when changing WP fork oil
« Reply #11 on: August 18, 2020, 07:55:41 AM »
The control rod.

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Re: Caution when changing WP fork oil
« Reply #12 on: September 24, 2020, 10:46:28 AM »
Hi, would you happen to have the image for these pieces please?

*Originally Posted by Pnb7914 [+]
I came across an unexpected issue when changing fork oil in my 2015 800 xcx with WP suspension.  I reviewed the Triumph service manual and also checked the oem parts diagram to get familiar with the fork innards before changing the oil. All went well with the left fork with compression adjustment.  However, I had a problem with the right fork with rebound adjustment. After adding new oil and reinstalling the spring and retaining nut, I dropped the rebound adjusting rod down through the damper rod.  But instead of stopping above the top of the damper rod (as shown in the service manual), the adjusting rod fell down about 1/2 inch below the damper rod. As a result, after installing the fork cap, the rebound adjusting pin in the cap would not contact the damper rod, so no rebound adjustment was possible. 

I wasnt sure what happened.  Tried repeating the oil change process, thinking I didnt purge air from the system. No luck. After several attempts, I concluded there must be a problem with the internal fork cartridge but the oem parts diagram shows no service parts for the cartridge.

Solution found after consulting a local Ktm dealer that knows WP forks.  Although not familiar with the Triumph forks, the dealership correctly diagnosed the problem as missing parts.  Specifically, there is a small spring and needle pin that sit between the fork cartridge and the rebound adjusting rod.  When I drained the old fork oil, these parts fell out and went undiscovered in the darkened oil. Neither the service manual nor the oem parts diagram make any mention of these parts. 

Thankfully, after learning of the parts from the ktm dealer, i was able to find them sitting at the bottom of my used oil container. Here is what they look like, apart and as configured for installation.  I suspect there are similar parts for the compression fork adjustment and they just didnt fall out when I changed the oil on that side.  Anyhow, watch for these parts if you change your own fork oil.


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