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ABS touching the ring

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So I have had this metallic squeaking started from the front wheel I knew the front pads were getting low so I have replaced them only to find I still have the squeak which is loud, on closer inspection I have noticed the ABS sensor is rubbing on the serrated grooves on the disc should the sensor be touching the disc if no what could have happened I have checked the rear ABS sensor but cannot tell from that.

Originally Posted by Ace23 ...should the sensor be touching the disc...
No. There should be a gap of 0.1 to 1.5mm between the sensor and the ring.

Originally Posted by Ace23 ...if no what could have happened...
Something probably got knocked.

Yes your correct I had a new front tyre fitted a while ago and its started making the noise since I just checked and it looks like the dumd arsxxs have knoecked the sensor when refitting the wheel. I have just took the sensor off and refitted it and it's fine.


Normally there is a shim (easily dropped) between the brake carrier and sensor to pack the sensor off the ABS ring and adjust/ensure that the gap is between 0.1mm and 1.5mm which they may have lost when they removed your wheel for tyre renewal.  :084:

well I took the sensor off today and no shim there so I'll have to find something super thin to use as I doubt the dealer is going to have this item thanks for letting me know cos I was wondering what has happened..


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