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2018 Tiger GPS mount between screen

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After purchasing and fitting my Bike-pen-R GPS mount on the handle bar clamps, I decided to move the GPS as I found that it was not ideal looking down at it.

So I fabricated this setup which mounts between the screen and doesn't require any drilling.

Basically I bought two 8mm battery lugs and a $1 piece of 8mm steel round bar.

I bent the bar in a vice, rounded off the ends and attached the lugs which screw onto the screen.

The cable runs down the side of the bike just behind the side panels and attaches neatly to the battery.

See attached pics... 😀
When i can upload them 😀

Pics Attached

Rode with it this morning and much neater ..  :047:

I also attached a picture of how I had it before. Was still very neat but I found looking down a bit distracting... :038:

Happy to pass on details of the design.

Hi TDU, Neat idea but how does the battery lugs connect to the bar bolted or soldered? I have a Touratech mount for my TomTom and this would be perfect.

Hi Lazzy

The lugs are copper so i decided to epoxy glue the 8mm bar into the lug. I did grind a few cuts into the end to give it something to hold on to.
The epoxy is quick drying and it wont come out.
Happy to help if you need more info.
PS. Im very happy with the result.

This looks substantial. I have a 2018 Tiger XRX
could you post a picture from the front , with the GPS attached.
Did you use the GPS mount for a 2017 Bike ?
Also can the screen still be moved into most positions?
Could you post the design details please

Cheers Steve


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