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Let me introduce myself

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Short Introduction,

With my switch to the Triumph Tiger 800 in 2017 I discovered the aftermarket for decent GPS mounts was a bit limited.
At least if you like to mount more then one device on your bike just like me.
In my case I have my GPS and alongside the smartphone to operate my camera.

So after a bit of experimenting I came up with this peace of solid stainless steel that gives you a perfect base at the best possible position for all your devices.
I had a small series manufactured so I hope you like it as mutch as I do.

For additional information please have a look at this site.

Any chance you could create something for the 2018 model?

I'm just an enthusiast, like you. :015:
I might when I switch to the 2018, but have no plans so far, Sorry

How can I get one ?


You can can fill out the contact form on.

If you add your address there I can give you a quote shipping included.


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