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camchain rattle even after service
« on: March 05, 2019, 08:15:59 AM »
Hi guys,

I have a 34000 km tiger. At about 33k camchain rattle could easily be heard while riding. I don't have the space or tools so i opted for a service shop.
They suggested changing the camchain and tensioner. I also ordered a small plastic pad for the blade tensioner(it was cheap and said why not). They also did the valve check and all that.
Went from 10W40 to 15W50 Motul 7100(been using it since the breakin service).
The rattle is still present... Not as bad but not smooth as before. On deceleration mostly and sometimes even running at 4000 rpm.
Went back... they are bullshitting saying it's normal for an 'older' bike and that they guarantee it won't get worse... Asked them about other worn parts that maybe we can change but they said everything looked ok and was within service limits.

Any suggestions? I see others fixed similar issues with a new brand of oil/thickness

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Re: camchain rattle even after service
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2019, 05:33:47 PM »
*Originally Posted by usercalin [+]
...camchain rattle could easily be heard while riding.
Any suggestions?
If you're sure you're hearing the cam chain rattle?
(maybe get second opinions? -- sounds like an empty tin can with nuts & bolts rattling inside)
The thing that keeps the cam chain in proper adjustment - and quiet - is the automatic cam chain adjuster (tensioner).
If the chain is in fact making noise - rattling - then that's the first place to look (it may not be doing its job).
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Re: camchain rattle even after service
« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2019, 09:40:47 PM »
It is hard to find out if it actually is the cam chain that you are hearing by just listening.
There can be all kind of additional noises during idling such as ticking valves, leaking exhaust seals, rattling/rumbling clutch plates, or even a loose alternator stator slightly touching
the rotating magnet.
When the noise is only heard during riding, it can be something that starts vibrating at a certain RPM, the drive chain, worn drive chain sprockets, drive chain too lose or too tight ....

A way to locate where the noise is coming from, while the bike is not moving, is to use a long screwdriver, spanner or any solid metal rod : Put one side f.e. against f.e. the cam chain cover and put the other side somewhere against your ear or against your head close to the ear. This allows you to hear the noises better. By checking the cam chain cover, clutch cover, camshaft cover, alternator cover this way, you might be able to locate where the noise comes from or where it is the loudest.

About the cam chain tensioner :
The cam chain tensioner uses both oil pressure and a spring + locking mechanism to keep the cam chain under tension. The cam chain noise can progressively become louder when the tensioner is in between 2 teeth and about to jump to the next tooth. In that case, the chain will make more noise when idling or when decreasing RPM, because in those cases the oil pressure is lower or decreases. Once the tensioner jumps to the next tooth, the noise is less again, because then the chain is more tensed again, even when oil pressure changes.
You read many stories about cam chain noise with the Tiger and also with other motorcycles.
Some say that it is "normal" for a Tiger and not to worry if the noise does not get louder and louder over time.

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