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ABS - Bleeding brake system help / advice.


Hi Folks,

I wonder if some can help me or point me in the right direction please.

I'm looking to change the brake fluid in mt Tiger xcx 15 plate with ABS.

I've watched the Muddy Sump videos and I'm comfortable in undertaking that process.

My concern is flushing the ABS pump, I have Dealer Tool so I can run that process of purging the pump, but I was wondering what is required to complete the task re pumping the lever brake / pedal etc....?

Any advice gratefully accepted.

Thanks in advance.


If you do not technically master the bleeding of the brakes, which are an element of security, I do not advise you to perform this task that could be dangerous when driving.  :087:
Or to have a competent person assist you.
After each is free. . .


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