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What security devices?


Hi, We are again doing annual compare the Meerkat, I keep getting asked what security devises do I have on my Tiger, all I keep telling them is ďthe ones it came from the factory withĒ but can anyone tell me exactly what they are. Iím sure there must be some kind of immobiliser, but is there any audible alarm. All I can see is a red light on the dash.

Immobiliser is standard, alarm is not - Also they count data tag as a security device and curiously despite my protestations Hastings decided it counted as an alarm!
The safe answer is immobiliser though I would say.

As Shergar says.  Immobilisor is standard from factory.  Triumph alarm is an optional accessory which is Thatcham approved.

remember, if you tell them you have a security chain and lock or disc lock and then the bike is stolen outside a shop of filling station where you have not used them, then they might not pay out......

OK Lads thanks for the replies, Iíve sorted it out now, I had quotes ranging from £777 down to (the one I accepted) £145. Never understand the insurance game they just appear to pluck numbers out of thin air. I was with Bennettís last time they wanted to double there price from £245 last year to £485 this year, so Iíve gone with Bikesure, just need to find a recovery company and Iíll be done.


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