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Travel Insurance that gets your bike back (not just you)

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I'm heading off to Europe end of June (Spain/Portugal & Gibraltar) and was looking at travel insurance to cover me and bike.

I have Bennetts motorbike insurance (of course) and RAC Europe Breakdown cover but the latter I believe doesn't cover getting bike back if its in an accident, un-repairable breakdown only.

My current travel insurance (multi-trip annual) covers me (and daughter) including medical cover and repatriation of my body (alive hopefully) whilst on motor-bike as well for about 50 a year but doesn't cover cost of getting motorbike back (as well as motorbike clothing/lid/panniers etc)

Bennetts Motorbike based Travel Insurance covers medical/body repatriation and bike gear but not getting bike back again - 75

Holidaysafe have quoted around 140 for the above plus getting bike back.

Anyone had similar dealings or got a better deal or any other thoughts on getting wiped out in Europe :)

Cheers :465:

Have a look at Start Rescue

Originally Posted by Rtwo Have a look at Start Rescue

I did but I already have RAC Cover and their insurance appears to be none motorbike specific.

I priced up a single trip only (15 days)  including motorbike repatriation and came out at about 30 so I'm thinking that maybe the way to go as I'm likely to be only going over on bike the once this year and keep the usual annual one for other occasions.

Cheers :152:

Who was that with I'm off in June for a week so could do with some cover

Originally Posted by Earl Who was that with I'm off in June for a week so could do with some cover

https://www.holidaysafe.co.uk/quote/     Choose "Niche"  Then "HS Motorcycle Single Trip"   there are two levels of cover, the figure I quoted was for the higher level :)

I already have my annual multi-trip travel insurance with them but you allowed to have a single trip one as well but obviously you would only be able to claim on one as needed.


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