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Hi all looking for a bit of info for my 2015 800 xrt I'm getting t/c +engine management light on intermittently only ever when starting the bike up at home never anywhere else I've used the info button to check codes and got p1521 lost Comms between abs and ECM once moving the abs light goes out as normal followed by the ECM+t.c lights if I recheck faults it then shows p0000 no faults help

Mine does the same occasionally, I simply switch the ignition off and straight back on, it either clears or I start to ride and (like the ABS should) all the fault lights go out within 20yds.
The only thing I would be tempted to do, if you have a multimeter, is hook it up to see battery voltage then start the bike and see what it goes to. If higher than about 14.4v it could possibly be spiking high on startup indicating a failing rectifier/regulator, that throws up similar fault codes, (been there).


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