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Re: 2018-19 led headlights swap XCX/XCA
« Reply #30 on: February 25, 2020, 12:37:29 PM »
*Originally Posted by T800XC [+]
Someone over at the Explorer/1200 forum asked me about the LED headlights recently so I decided to take a look. Sure enough there are commands on the CAN bus that control them so it would certainly be possible to put the LED headlights (with cornering function) onto an older Tiger 800. The LED headlight has electronics built-in and they appear to just listen-in to the CAN bus data and turn the required lights on based on the messages that are received. In which case, if you know what you're doing it's possible to build a small module that takes the simple halogen headlight on/off voltages and convert these to CAN bus signals to drive the LED headlights.

I've got a small project on the go at the moment that monitors the headlight, fog light & indicator signals on the CAN bus and would allow control or switching of additional lights without having to tap in to the bike's existing wiring. The basics of the project are the same as might be needed for controlling the LED headlights.

A new set of LED headlights aren't cheap, circa 500 I think, but you can pick-up used ones for less than half this price on eBay. I never had an issue with the headlights on my old 800 and Explorer, but I'm impressed with the LED version fitted to my 1200XRT. If I still had my 800 I'd be tempted to get a set just to try them out.

I reckon in a year's time when everyone's traded up to the Tiger 900 with it's dodgy one lamp dipped beam (single filament stylie) there'll be lots of low mileage XRT's knocking about for me to trade my XRx in for  :001:

Then again I might not be bothered  :008:
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Re: 2018-19 led headlights swap XCX/XCA
« Reply #31 on: January 05, 2021, 09:34:25 PM »
T800XC...I,ve used your tigertool & reset my faults,etc on my tiger 800 xrt 2019..thanks very much for that. Now the problem I have is :-
My bike ( recently bought with front end damage) , had a smashed led headlight, faulty, fuse blown/ replaced but still faulty( actually smashed case etc ) I bought a used 1, with same manafucturing part no, same year, & told in working, I fit it, but still not working, ..wiring was damaged when I bought it, and I repaired the the headlight plug I got 12v standing on black, green is switched 12v from ignition, thick blue is earth, and red& blue canbus.  I,ve tested cables & all seem OK. Canbus pair have approx 50 ohms between them with battery disconnected..( I assume 120 ohms at each end of canbus ..) ..fog light also not working.. As bike is new& I,m not familiar with operating I read book to see when headlights come, I start bike & no headlights/ fog lights ( rear light OK )...I can see from your blogs that you are very familiar with the triumph & wondering if you have any idea ? Cheers, Steve ( , UK).


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