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Poor experience attempting to take out Triumph insurance

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Today I tried to get an online quote from Triumph insurance but eventually gave up - here's my experience:

I filled out the online form but when it presented me with the quote, there were a number of errors in the summary of facts I had given:

- It changed my marital status
- I asked for pillion cover but this was not acknowledged
- I gave details of two security devices but it instead listed "not available"
- An incorrect purchase date was given (today's date) - I had specified "not purchased yet".
- Perhaps minor, but it gave 9years instead of 9+ years for NCD

As I was progressing with the form-filling, I received a text saying I had not completed the form. Irritating!

I then reluctantly decided to phone them to correct the data and the phone system asked for a key-press response to a question about data privacy and it would not accept my response, instead repeating the question. After three times, it cut the call. I tried phoning again and the same happened. I then gave up and am looking elsewhere. By the way, I've used my phone with plenty of other key-response systems and had no problem.

What a complete waste of time.

Based on my quick experience of Triumph Insurance you aren't missing anything.
I tried them 2013 for my new Street Triple, 20yrs with Carole Nash, no claims, 54yrs old . 600.  :005:
At the time stayed with Carole Nash at about half that but later, after 1st ever claim, changed to Bennetts who were half what CN wanted for renewal and ironically same insurer, Red Star Equity. Currently with Bennetts and insured with Aviva.

Insurance is an odd game.
There are relatively few actual insurers, lots of brokers, but few insurers.
Ive yet to find any insurer tht gives credit for post test rider training, whether thats IAM,. ROSPA, ERS or whatever. usually the ones that make a song and dance about such things are often the ones who are the most expensive.

I have recently renewed my insurance, was with RAC (Broker). Bennets were for me the cheapest, but Carole Nash include breakdown recovery. Adding breakdown recovery to the Bennets quote made the two comparable.
CN placed my insurance with Aviva.

The lesson as ever is you need to shop around, never accept the renewal quote at face value. At the very least benchmark against others.
What may be a cheap quote from broker X for rider Y may not be the cheapest quote for you on your bike. do your homework, don't let the insurance industry profit from laziness.

Originally Posted by healdem Ive yet to find any insurer tht gives credit for post test rider training, whether thats IAM,. ROSPA, ERS or whatever. ..
Similarly I found that they make a deal about my bike being ungaraged but when I looked into purchasing an insurance approved metal storage shed the reduction in premium was so small it would have taken 15yrs to recover the cost of the shed alone .. I didn't bother, may not even be able to ride that long, we never know what may change over the years.  :027:

Thanks for the tips. I'm homing in on either Carole Nash or Bennetts. Interestingly, when getting a CN quote via their web-site, they include breakdown recovery in the quote (you don't seem to be able to uninclude it) whereas getting comparison quotes from moneysupermarket provides a lower CN quote which doesn't include breakdown insurance (though you can add it). I don't need this as I have a combined car and bike breakdown policy.

All my quotes are low though as I have moved from London where the bike was parked on the road to Devon where it is garaged.

Just by background, a couple of years ago I sold my Tiger 800 and bought a Honda NC750DCT - the one with the auto gear change. Having hit pensioner age I thought this might be a good idea.  I was so wrong. The other week I rectified my mistake and traded the Honda in for a new XRX - picking it up next week. I test rode it and loved it. I've also got the great Devon roads to use it on. I feel like a child waiting for a new toy.


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