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Poor experience attempting to take out Triumph insurance

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I don't think that is the case - insurance is a legal requirement and insurance companies often make auto-renewal a default though I think they have a requirement to communicate this. I can't say that I was aware of this when taking out the Bennetts insurance but of course it may well have been buried somewhere.

JMI is a 2nd line of CN where you can get the basic insurance without the B/D etc

Bennett's is now owned by Saga in case you didn't already know.

BeMoto is worth a try, They come up on the compare sites. (Ex Bennetts).

Originally Posted by healdem I don'th think auto renewel is down to the Insurance industry. I think its a requirement from government.

It's intended to ensure continuous insurance cover for all vehicles https://www.mib.org.uk/reducing-uninsured-driving/continuous-insurance-enforcement/

No insurance "because I forgot to renew in time", or "but I never ride it, I keep it in the garage" is seen the same as driving without insurance in the UK.

Hastings 145 18 plate  xcx no brainer


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