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Poor experience attempting to take out Triumph insurance

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I was with CN from 1994-2014, well before the use of internet insurance and though the best for me at the time (and no easy comparison system) it did include unwanted inclusive parts like UK and European breakdown cover and cover to ride any bike. Now for half the premium I have no breakdown cover included, but my RAC car/any vehicle cover will cover me and the bike and I would never wish to ride (and risk) someone else's pride and joy (though if a death situation called for it, to get help, insurance would be back of my mind) so covered for my bike only is fine.

Originally Posted by healdem Insurance is an odd game.
There are relatively few actual insurers, lots of brokers, but few insurers.
Ive yet to find any insurer tht gives credit for post test rider training, whether thats IAM,. ROSPA, ERS or whatever.

Try Cornmarket Insurance Services for a quote ( part of the  I.A.M )  they do require your IAM membership details ect,  contact number is 028 9033 2111   they will also pricematch from the various compare sites. just email them the quotes.  -  Worth a look   :028:

I changed from Bennetts to Triumph for the Explorer and have now transferred it to the new T800, I didn't have any problems filling out the forms, or taking out a policy in general, all completed online, I have had policies with several other companies who have got the details wrong in one way, or another, usually ending up with a phone call to confirm/ correct.

Triumph Insurance is nothing to do with Triumph Motorcycles, it's a well known Agent called Adrian Flux, my policy is through Markerstudy, a budget insurance company, Adrian Flux are a lot better to deal with than they used to be, they had a very bad reputation a few years ago especially in the car insurance market, Flux Rescue is very good for bikes, but it possibly depends which sub-contractor turns up, I got a very good properly adapted large van to collect my Explorer when it blew its top.

Bennetts are Ok, but they have too many rules and little flexibility, Carol Nash are Ok until there's a problem, then they're a waste of time, especially the legal department.

It's all a con and you have to read the small print to find out who's hiding behind the brand name, for example, probably 80% of car insurance companies, including high street shops, building societies and banks are actual a cartel known as BISL, if it's on a comparison website, it'll be BISL, regardless of who they say they are (possible exceptions AA & RAC) Direct Line are one of the few truly independent companies.

All companies offer a 10-40% discount in the first year and then bump the price up, check what your paying and never accept a renewal without a strop, or a flounce first  :001:

That's interesting about the cartels - maybe that's why online form-filling seems familiar across different brands.

I've eventually gone with Bennetts but that wasn't without incident (linking from moneysupermarket comparison site) - when I received the schedule and statement of facts there were also mistakes which I have had to correct with them (two phone calls and an e-mail in total). I am conscious that it is important to get these mistakes corrected otherwise they could possibly be used to reject a claim. Dealing with one of the operators was irritating as they seemed to imply that the mistakes were my mine.

Whilst I am in "grumpy old man" mode, another irritation is that policies often seem to come with "auto renewal" - there seems to be no way of disabling this when form-filling and you have to contact them to get this turned off. I have a suspicion that some companies might provide a higher quote for auto-renewal policies. 

I don'th think auto renewel is down to the Insurance industry. I think its a requirement from government.


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