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Advice on short term insurance

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Hello all,

I haven't been using my tiger for the last year so the bike isn't insured at the moment.
I also declared as SORN so I wouldn't pay tax and MOT expired in March.

Given that I am not able to use the tiger due to personal reasons, I intend to sell it.
It's probably better to get it MOTed and maybe I will do a small check up in the dealer.

But to do this, I need to get insurance.
I was looking to get some temporary insurance, like for a month, but the temp brokers I tried a while ago didn't want to insure it.

I am thinking of buy a yearly policy and then cancel it after I don't need it.
As I am not very familiar with insurance in the UK, is this something that all insurers allow?
If I pay the yearly insurance and cancel it after a month, will I get a refund of the unused time of the insurance (minus some fees I am guessing)?

I think there is also a 14 day cool off period that we can cancel the insurance?

Is there any better alternative?

Thank you all in advance.

Sounds like you would be better off finding and going into an insurance brokers office and discuss your needs with them, they would have access to many insurance companies and should find you the best deal. Anything that is on line will only really be suitable for the majority not your specific requirements. Avoid paying for a year policy and then cancel as you will have to pay either the whole amount anyway or a cancellation fee that will amount to the same.


Why not get a local MOT shop to pick it up, service/mot & return it.

That is actually a good idea. I will investigate these options.

Thanks for the suggestions  :152:

Also bear in mind that some advertisers will provide cover for 3rd party  test rides. Cant remember if its mcn


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