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Scottoiler Chain Motorcycle V System Triumph Tiger 800 Xrx 2018

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Cheers Newhorizons I'll give it a go  :028:

Could you please post bigger pictures as it's too small to see details properly. Cheers

Ps, also just fitted a piece of plastic at the end of my chain guard, about 80mm wide by about 100 long because I noticed that some oil was flicking up unto the rear guard and onto the indicator.

So I took it back near the line of the inner section of the tyre next to the rim. Back far enough for the chain to be adjusted a few times and hopefully still provide coverage.

My bike had 15000 klm on the speedo and whilst it had heaps of spray goo on the chain I dont know how far it had stretched but it is back near the last 2 adjustment bars so it is testing the coverage of the chain guard.

Probably not a issue to some but I have fitted panniers to the rear for a big trip I am planning and didn't want them to be covered in chain oil when I take them off.

And depending on weather I suspect wet conditions will also cause the oil to fling, and at the least it will need more application.

Thats why I was wondering if oiling is better late in a days ride, off the highway and with time for it to cool overnight ????

Always do mine when Iím 5 minutes from home. Chain is warm so the oil soaks in nicely once itís parked up.

I set the secondary / metering valve on my Tutoro at 1/4 turn and after 2800 (4400K) mostly highway miles I just refilled the reservoir from near empty, about 2 ounces. This is after painting the rear of my Panniers, drybags, plates etc with oil when I had it open 1-1/2 turns.
Does the Scottoiler have a metering needle valve for ĎContinuousí user set flow control?

Search YouTube for FORTNINE. He did a test of all types of chain oils and waxes. You'll be surprised which came out the best. Save a fortune too 👍


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