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Scottoiler Chain Motorcycle V System Triumph Tiger 800 Xrx 2018

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Triumph didn't recomend the V system on my 2017. So I went for the Cobra. Fantastic little bit of kit. Only put oil on the chain when you want, hardly any splatter.

Triumph dealer who fitted it didn't say anything about it not being suitable and it seems to be working ok.
Did they say why?

I canít remember why they didnít approve it. I know some fitted it anyway. I didnít so it wouldnít affect the warranty.
Iím glad I didnít fit it after getting the cobra.

Adey Bee:
im om my third Tiger 800, ive had the v system on the first 2 and now trying the new Xsystem electronic, we do a fair bit of touring and I wouldnt be without it, as long as you keep it topped up and adjust flow for seasonal changes they never let you down, chain is always clean and well lubed, only had 1 chain and sprocket set and that was on my 2011 XC did about 23k

Had the V system on my 2012 Roadie. Haven't had any problems with it, other than losing an injector once.  So I carry a spare injector with me.


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