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Rear Caliper seems lose but all bolts tight.

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Noticed this morning I could hear a rattle and a slight tapping noise from rear caliper when I applied the brake.
I thought at the time just pads rattling around. Anyhow know im at work and had a look it seems as though the rear caliper is very loose on the two bolts which hold it in place. Both bolts are tight but there does seem a lot of play between caliper and bolts.
Is this just something that's allways been with these bikes and I just haven't noticed or does this require further inspection.
Any advice help appreciated.
Just to add its a 14 plate roadie.

The caliper slides on the two mounting bolts - that's how both pads apply force onto the disc.

As to the sounds try spinning the rear wheel-  do you hear an intermittent swishing sound?  Either you disc is not true (warped) or you caliper / pad is sticking and needs a good clean.

All was cleaned and regreased were needed a few weeks ago when I had a puncture.
Disk is fine pads are all nice and clean and copper greased.
When I spin the wheel the pads do click when the brake is applied but not bad.
I know that the caliper is supposed to have some movement but it just looks a bit much to me.
Rear bake works fine no problem but I can hear it rattling around when on a bumpy road.

O Oh you opened the can of worms and mentioned copper grease and brakes in the one post. 

An FYI - you don't need copper grease on modern brakes.  Look at the pistons on the Tiger's brakes.  Assuming you have them in the right way there is only a thin circular edge contacting the pad back plate, via the removable shim.  The reason for that set up is to avoid pads sticking to pistons.  Side benefit is the prevention of squealing brakes.

Ok fully understand that but pistons are moving fine and there is no sticking to pads or binding or squealing.
Every thing works fine and dandy just thought there was a lot of play when holding the caliper in my hand it rock back and forward on both bolts by a considerable amount. Now I admit I do work in an engineering shop and to me a few tenths of a thou is a bus ride so its probably me. I have removed caliper bolts this morning and there is no wear on anything so I suppose its how it should be. I will look out for a fellow Tiger rider when im out next and ask if I can compare my set up to theirs. OOO er missus.


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