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Does anyone have any suggestions for a good route from NW Austria (Salzburg or maybe Innsbruck) through Germany to Maastricht in 5 or 6 days?
Early September

Not interested in Autobahns or other major roads, sort of fancying following the Rhine but as the Germans are far more responsible when it comes to data etc. they don't allow Street View in Google so I'm struggling to get a feel for it


Originally Posted by Paulhere https://goo.gl/maps/3txN7o19fvFSLY8B8

It doesn't look particularly inspiring, is it a route you've used?

Originally Posted by Rtwo Thanks
It doesn't look particularly inspiring, is it a route you've used?

Yes, several times, stopping off at different spots.Usually take a detour to ride the 500, love that road, then camp at Buhl. there's no camp at Baden-baden. I always camp when touring so it's all about finding a decent campsite on edge of a nice small town I can walk into for beers. Those stops are nice places, google them. Nearest camp to Meersburg is at Hagnau a couple of miles stroll along the lake, there lots of hotels. Neiderbronn & Vianden have camps within a mile from town.I have used smaller quieter roads to get through the Tirol but much slower. There is a decent camp at Vols just outside Innsbruck. Plenty of camps in Lux, I've also camped at Diekirch, Larochette & Reisdorf in the Mullerthal valley, they call the area little Switzerland.

If you find a nice route post it up, I like trying different routes but there has to be nice stops for me.

allright that is a long stretch so here is some advice:
1. Paulhere is using the "Fernpass" fröm Füssen to Innsbruck, you need to avoid that pass as it is always packed not enough room to pass so simply a nightmare. Furthermore, the Austrians are forcing people to stay on the Motorway during the holiday season by closing some of the exit so you might end up on the motorway and you cannot get off. You need to check that.
2. I rather suggest to come through Black Forest, avoid Lake Constance as the traffic is really heavy there and cross into Austria via Achenkirch/Achensee

I'll check what I can find on routes I did to the Tridays and post a Garmin gpx to you


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