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It's that time of year, insurance renewal paperwork from Bennetts arrived and was slightly apprehensive of looking as a forum member recently posted how Bennetts refused him renewal unless the bike was garaged.

This years claimed lowest renewal quote 390.53 compared to 282.35 last year and a move from Aviva to Axa (with no mention of being garaged). Last year was the same, tried to move me from Aviva to some new company they had partnered with and almost 200 rise. So last year I rang and queried it and after going through all my details again was offered a substantial drop in price (though still 85 up on the 2017 197.11), added protected NCB and would move me to Aviva, at which I pointed out I was already with Aviva since getting the Tiger 2015. The explanation was that renewal premiums were computer generated and probably best to do a fresh quote each year.

So, knowing our choices are limited bike insurer wise and knowing I could ignore the comparison site 115 quotes as they usually don't include accessories and/or non-garaged I actually rang Aviva direct. Though I'm with Aviva through Bennetts they don't have any of my details. Initial few questions weren't helpful, as soon as I was asked about modifications and replied 'Luggage (box and panniers) and 6 mods' I was informed Aviva will only accept 3 mods maximum. I mentioned that some of these are normally not important to Bennetts so he asked what my list of mods was (luggage/tank pad/engine bars/headlight protector/Rox risers/front fender extender/ screen change) and said he would go speak to their underwriters. Admittedly it took him 10 minutes but he came back and said they could insure me. A set of usual questions, put as kept on driveway (in my garden), accidents, convictions, etc. Unfortunately Aviva only recognise 5yrs+ as max NCB (I have 8yrs) and don't do Protected NCB.

However without a garage .. 184 from 390 is, I consider, a good result so I won't bother with looking at any other options. I took the quote reference number for now as I prefer to ensure my cancellation and NCB certificate proof is in place before committing to a new provider and as starting on nights later need to do other things than deal with Bennetts today and the inevitable routine of trying to persuade me to stay and do another review for a better renewal price. So probably sort with Aviva Monday. :152:

It really is a minefield
I don't even bother trying to figure it out anymore

I've just renewed for my big KTM
I had quotes ranging from 1460 to 217  :187:

I ended up changing from MCE to BeMoto (through AXA) for 277 (inc full UK and EU RAC cover, Legal cover, helmet and leathers etc.)

I move insurers every year - it is usually the only way to get a reasonable price. Same with the car - I have stayed with Hastings on the car as they are normally cheapest, but every year I phone up and they reduce the initial renewal quote by 100 or more - I always ask - why do you not just send out the best price so you keep the customers ? and they always blame it on the computer and market forces - when you ask how come they can always beat their own renewal quote over the phone, they always just invent some story - it's as if no one values existing customers anymore, all special offers are to attract new customers but once they have them they are quite happy to let them go on renewal ...what a strange world it has become :006:

I agree with markymark11 about loyalty etc. It's bonkers. My renewal quote came in at around 20% more than last year. I spent a few minutes on a "cost comparison" website and then called Bennetts. They eventually renewed my insurance at the same price as last year. It's just a PITA that we have to go through this process when, if they had originally quoted say 5% more, I would probably have accepted it to avoid the hassle. I may be missing something though!


It appears you boys on the other side pay a lot for insurance. My renewal is coming up at the end of the month. The annual cost is $460.00 or 377.00 BP for four bikes. I have full coverage including optional equipment and towing (collecting) on the bikes. :005:



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