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Rook McRookerton


The heated grips on my 15 XRX are worn down and get very sticky/tacky. I spoke to the dealer near me and asked if I could cut the rubber part off and replace and they said "No you have to buy a new set."

Does anyone have knowledge beyond that. Ideally I'd like to just cut the rubber off and slide new ones on.
Is that possible?

Until I learn more I've bought some baseball bat tape which has eliminated some stickiness and still lets heat through.

The grips have the heating element molded into the rubber. There is a wire to connect that supplies the current. So some disassembly/assembly required.

Good luck

my wallet was afraid of that, thanks

 If they are working but simply sticky why not just fit a pair of 'Grip Buddies' or plenty of similar.makes.

wil check them out, thanks


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