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Triumph Concorde rally


Concorde rally at Chippenham sports club 27 - 29th Sept.

Pre-book only, see TOMCC website for details.

By 'eck that was a wet weekend for the Bristol TOMCC rally. A non M'way route both ways in the worst weather I remember, twer a tad damp I tell ya. Riding through floods around Brum on way down & far worse floods in the Peak district on the way home.
Rally was good though, we had a good time, loadsa beer, great band on the Sat night, they had a proper geetar man. Weegies won long distance riders both male & female, they also won best turnout. They'd ridden 400 miles, some a lot more, detoured into Wales, then were up dancing all night. Brilliant. Only one T800 made it.

Well done for making the effort in such sh1te bud, sounds like a good weekend despite the weather  :028:  :031:

Aye m8, it's always a good one 'cos it's the last of the Triumph rallies for the year. The organisers put a tin out for a collection for our chum who crashed in Sweden, still very poorly, raised 600 towards his repatriation costs. Next Triumph one is the West Wales rally in May. That'll be a good one if it's owt like last years, that was brill.

For now, I've finally got the bike clean after washing it twice, got the tent on the washing line to dry it out. Worst bit of camping eh packing up a wet tent.

Got another rally next month then that's me done until spring. Bleddy tiring this enjoying yersen.


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