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XCX Front ABS Lever Travel

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I fitted new HH pads a while back (just cause I don't really rate the brakes on my 2015 800 XCX)
I pushed the pads back into the calipers as I would on any non abs bike and fitted the pads /pumped up the lever to push the pistons back out etc

Ever since the above ive noticed (and its NOT air in the system) the lever travel varies on almost every use of the brakes.
Its not spongy and always feels solid , but sometimes the lever travels minimal distance before I feel the pads bite and other times the lever travels maybe half way.

I never noticed it previously and although searching online a lot of people say that's not unusual ,Im wondering why it suddenly may have started doing that (Its v annoying if im honest)

Thanks in advance

(Ive looked at the procedure to purge the abs pump etc but if the lines have not been opened to the atmosphere/no air could have got it ,im asking here first)

Might be that the new pads haven't worn evenly yet and bite inconsistently giving you the uneven feel. I'd give them a bit of use to let them wear in. Then reassess.

Thanks ChuckXC
Its actually done about 1500miles since pad change so they are bedded in etc
Its only now that its beginning to bug me more and more hence the post here

Could be play in the wheel bearings allowing the discs to knock the pads back varying amounts. Also check axle pinch bolts and triple clamps, anything that could allow the wheel or forks to move.

You could try pumping the lever up and tying it back to the bars and leaving it over night. I have used this method on my bikes and classic car. I dont know why it works, but it does.


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