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BC backroads adventure

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This past weekend my buddy Dougal and I completed an 1800km trip from Quesnel in central BC's Cariboo region down south to Vernon. Using the Backroad Mapbook we plotted out the most roundabout and off pavement routes available within our rudementary offroad skills.
Pretty much rain from Quesnel to Williams Lake.

We met up with Dougal's chum, Mike and his KTM who, unlike us, has vast knowledge and experience in the dirt. (Former Canadian Trials Champ) Heading west towards Dog Creek and the historic Gang Ranch the roads had dried up quite nicely giving some nice photo ops.

It was not to last.

Earlier posts detailing the small clearance between front wheel and fender proved to be correct causing the wet clay to jam the wheel up solid. The result was inevitable. Down I went.

Coincidently, Dougal went down at the same time within 100ft of me. Mike, of course on his KTM had no problems at all. But he enjoyed the spectacle of two Brit bikes having a bit of a lie down after a hard slog through the mud.

There was minimal damage to either bike, Dougal's Scrambler suffered a minor brake pedal modification and the mighty Tiger lost a turn signal lens that was retrieved and cello taped back in place. The initial leg led from Williams Lake west to the Fraser River following the Meadow Lake road to the Poison Lake Road south of Clinton to rejoin the pavement at Kelly Lake.

After a short run along Hwy 97S into Cache Creek, Mike, with his vast local knowledge, led us along BackMountain Road to join up with the Deadman/Vidette Road.

Wow that looks fantastic!

 :152: some great scenery

Absolutely stunning country you live and ride in.   I obviously need to plan a trip headed north ...

Looks like it was a fun trip overall; too bad about the fender.  :114: I would hope an XC wouldn't have had that issue... Is there any way to adjust the roadie's fender upwards I wonder? Almost makes me re wanna' rethink my decision to make mine a Roadie.  :084: ... Hmm... (thinking)... nope!



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