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Re: Air filter maintenance
« Reply #10 on: December 23, 2019, 12:38:14 PM »
Actually I would like to suggest a way around Kiwi's suggestion that it is fiddly, and yes I thought getting into the standard trumpets inner mount was very fiddly.

I got a piece of thin galvanized sheet similar to flashing for a roof etc.

Carefully rolled it to get a round tube the size of the intake to the air box.

Only need it maybe 2 1/2 or 3 inches long. One side will require a slighly smaller diameter but I just slightly over lapped the gal tube.

Slip that into the std airbox, it expands tight then put a rubber o ring around it to improve the seal of the 2 surfaces then slip the rubber end of the foam sock on the body side.

Takes me maybe 30 seconds to change the uni filter filter.. apart from pulling the assemblies down of course. (all up maybe 15 mins)

So no need to ever touch the tank or the std air filter (mine now K&N)

The socks are seriously great and take out 99% of the dust.

I actually carry a spare under the tail in a zip lock bag and after a huge trip this year with dirt roads etc it was 'pretty dirty' but the K&N was pristine.

Clean it up, dry it out and re oil. Another 15 mins.

Personally the design of the air box is a bit sub standard. Ideally you would want the air pulling from underneath and the top section being the entry top the butterfly.

The at least the heavier dust would fall down with gravity and the bumps but this system it has to flow to the top and it just sits in the filter.

Back in the good old days of dirt bikes, some people used to even 'oil' or light grease their airbox inner sides and that would catch a fair bit of dust and take some of the load.


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