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iPhone 11 for nav

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I use and iPhone the previous version (10?) with large screen. I use and app called MyRoute and their Navigation app. I do this because route planning is so much easier with MyRoute than with anything Garmin has. The Navigation app works well and I am satisfied, the phone does not overheat and it charges well from an Optimate DIN charger.

The screen is not as clear and easy to see in bright sunlight as that of a Garmin, but I mostly rely on audio instructions and not the screen when riding.

I have used the NavMii app on various iphone for 80k miles on my bikes and cars across most of europe, Morocco  and in the USA. The other country maps are 2 each and updated for free unlike my wifes car sat nav . Why spend 400 for a bike sat nav and 800 for both my cars to have a the fitted sat nav. Plus I only have to learn how to use one system. Maybe if you are going off road you would want a bike sat nav.  I use an ultimate add ons phone holder mounted on a ram mount above the clocks and only in the brightest sunlight is seeing it a problem.

Take a look at the brand new Garmin Zumo XT. Big super bright screen.

I like the app Scenic for IOS.  It stores maps locally.  I have had a little trouble importing semi complex routes from Garmin GPS's, nothing terrible, but you do have to pay attention to the questions it asks along the way.  I use my iphone11 and/or an ipad mini with cellular capability (only the ones capable of cell has the GPS). I also use the Rever App.. 

I have been using an iphone 5 in a life proof case mounted on the bars (Ram Mount) on current and previous bike, at no time has it had a sim card.  There is no need NO NEED for the phone to have "signal".  Simply install or similar and download required maps when in wifi range, after that, go anywhere in the world with out signal, and its all free after the phone.  I have used the same phone in Antarctica to track where I was.  Thats a long way from a cell tower.  The Phone gets its location from GPS Satellites like any other GPS in existence.  The key is have a good case and a good mount. 


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