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iPhone 11 for nav

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Google Maps has an offline mode where you can download any areas you choose Iím advance; navigation works fine without mobile reception.

Originally Posted by julianhj An iPhone shouldn't be any different to a dedicated nav screen in terms of reflectiveness, just set it to maximum brightness, get a decent mount like a Quadlock and a USB power adapter and you're good to go. I'd certainly do it if I didn't already have a TomTom.

There's no way that my iPhone comes close to the visibility in high sunlight that my old tomtom 400 does.
The iPhone is impossible at times, the tomtom, very occasionally

Originally Posted by AvgBear Yes, but (as I said -- I'm certainly no expert...) -- doesn't the cellphone "estimate" your location from cell tower info? Not gps/satellite info.

No. They have a GPS chip just like a TomTom or Garmin and they measure to the same degree of accuracy using GPS signals from satellites. They use tower triangulation for the phone but not for mapping applications.

Rain,  gloves, screen brightness, heat, etc.
 Phone gps has better maps but crap ergonomics.
Not a replacement for moto gps unit.
Garmin should incorporate google maps.

Thanks guys all for the replies! Still undecided. Good arguments for both.


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