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France tour
« on: January 04, 2020, 11:27:02 AM »
Morning all

Myself and my brother are planning a 4-5 day tour of Northern France/Belgium sometime in April this year.

I was wondering if any of you seasoned travellers out there could recommend bike friendly places to stay.

Also what France specific kit to take so we don't fall foul of the law.

We're going to take the Eurotunnel to Calais, but are undecided at the moment whether to go north up the coast to Belgium or South to Le Havre area.

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Re: France tour
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2020, 11:50:31 AM »
Hi Steve

my two pennth worth

I spend more than six months in france and spain, never had anywhere that was antibike, always friendly and glad to see a new punter. Bike theft is an issue in the bigger towns/cities so always try and find a place with private parking, or off in the country (depends on what nightlife you want).

I have an xrx so I take an airman pump and "string" tubeless repair kit (so far never used). Should have your V5c, I was asked once by a Gendarme if I had it with me, but when I explained it was under the seat he said fine, off you go. Insurance cert. or a copy and your licence. GB sticker if you dont have a marked reg. plate already.

Reflective Jacket or enough shiny bits on your jacket.


have a good trip it a great country to ride.

Thats it.
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Re: France tour
« Reply #2 on: January 04, 2020, 02:13:55 PM »
Goodness knows what "Brexit Chaos" will bring, so check Passport and Insurance. Sat navs are not allowed to tell you where speed cameras are, so add them as POI.

North France and Belgium are great for War History (if that's your thing), if you take a left (North) out of Calais and spend a bit of time at the Dunkirk Operation Dynamo museum, you won't be  disappointed. The marina area also has some great Cafe's.

The roads tend to be a bit flat and straight, though if you look at a map, the Parc Naturel areas in France have some interesting villages. Any time I have driven through Belgium it has been raining so don't know much about it apart from Brussels which is a nice city. Heading East, I spent one night in Nancy (and she didn't disappoint :007:) a bit like Paris (City not Hilton), Metz and Reims looked nice too, but only had time for a coffee, but do plan to go back in the future.

If heading South go as far as Bayeux if you can, Great Cathedral, The Tapestry Museum and Normandy Landings museum. The city centre is a bit touristy in places though.

Have fun.

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Re: France tour
« Reply #3 on: January 04, 2020, 03:08:59 PM »
With 5 days I'd soon get bored with the flattish area around the north & Belguim. If you're going for the ride:

With a 9am'ish crossing, you could, via Belgium & Lux, be somewhere like Niederbronn Northern Vosges for early teatime. Day 2 Baden-Baden, ride the 500 through the Black Forest, great caffs, stop off at Titisee for the afto'/night. Day 3 down to the Swiss border, swing round into the Southern Vosges to ride the Ballons, stop off at Saint Maurice-sur-Moselle. Day 4 leisurely ride to Lux. Mullerthal valley region mebbe stop at Vianden. Day 5 head thro' Bastogne to Calais & home. Approx. 1k miles. Jobs a good'n.
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Re: France tour
« Reply #4 on: January 04, 2020, 03:39:50 PM »
If you go in the Le Havre direction then Brittany Biker Breaks is a great place to stay, Kim & Les Rowland lovely people, beautiful place to stay and the food is to die for. Its a five hour ride from Calais, so with stops its a full days riding.........but worth it. Have a look at their website for full info, they only take bikers and only let three rooms.

Les rides a Tiger 800 as well.

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Re: France tour
« Reply #5 on: January 06, 2020, 02:01:31 PM »
*Originally Posted by Elmer J Fudd [+]
Goodness knows what "Brexit Chaos" will bring

Doesn't it mean we won't have to ride on the right any more?  :001:
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