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Grossglockner toll

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Anyone know if there is a free toll pass In a recent publication of Adventure bike rider?
I've been told there is but I cant see it .

Not seen but made me check price.

I was thinking of doing that this year, by 'eck, dear eh. We've been the Timmelsjoch many times, that wasn't so bad, I think about 14e last time in 2017.

Grossglockner price

I did read somewhere that you can get a free pass from the hotel you stay in :152:

Paul I'm a yorkshire lad so if I can get it for nowt I will  :152:
As for the hotels from what I've seen many dont use the summer card , I know where we are staying they dont and that's on the road leading to the pass.
I'll keep looking  :417:

Be careful about speeding there, I've seen a lots of reports that's a spot they many times check with the binoculars things, so you won't see them and get fined !


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