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BT Interphone V6-1200. 2 channel connectivity?


I have this cheap very efficient headset and have been using it mainly to listen to music and google maps through my phone and it has worked ok.

Now that i bought the Tom Tom 550 when i add the Tom Tom to the equation i can listen to the Tom Tom but i can not listen to nor talk to my phone through the headset. There is a video on Tom Tom youtube channel talking about 2 channel Bluetooth headsets required. 

A long shot but does anyone know if the V6 can support a 2 way communication? Or even better has anyone paired succesfully a Tom Tom a phone and the BT Interphone V6 ?

They look the same as ones I have used on and off for a year and those do pair to my Garmin and my phone at the same time. I seem to remember the instruction book said how but not that clearly.

Have you tried pairing the phone to your Tom Tom and using that as a connecting hub?

That's the way I pair all of mine, although it's a Garmin, so may be different.


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