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Suspension Tiger 800 & 900
« on: February 11, 2020, 11:27:01 PM »
I ask myself a question, of which I have not read the answer anywhere.
Note that this topic only concerns and compares only Xc versions:
 - so the 800 Xcx & Xca equipped with Wp suspensions
 - Tiger 900 Rally & Rally Pro equipped with Showa suspension

Personally on my 2016 Xcx approaching the 60000 Kms, of which 70% road and 30% off road, I remain completely satisfied with the original equipment and its possible settings  :028:
For the fork, I have never had a leak of spy joints, and only 2 oil replacements.
The shock absorber is original, I only removed the swing arm to clean and lubricate the connecting rods.

On the 900 showa set, it would allow for a greater debate. However, in every trial I have been able to read or see, no one talks about the behavior of these suspensions. . .
And I find that amazing.

Showa is also equipped with the Crf1000 honda, and many colleagues have seen their gaskets cry before 30000 Kms !!
However, the quality of these suspensions on this motorcycle is no longer demonstrated.

Thank you for your experiences.

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Re: Suspension Tiger 800 & 900
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2020, 06:19:29 AM »
I'm not a off-road warrior by any means, I tried it 2 years ago when I had my 2016 Africa twin, as you said mounted with similar Showa suspensions, I found them very good and easy to adjust had a good feeling more off-road than road with long travel.
Of course I didn't have any leak issues as I didn't off-road much, so my seal were still okay after 36'000Km, but to be honest the overall parts and material was sh*t on the first 2 years AT, that's what pushed me here to Triumph, so many issues I don't think the bike would have lasted for much longer. The WP have a reputation but many suspension tuners on the africa twin, said the Showa were perfectly fine and easy to open and fine tune/modify, the WP might be a different story.

All this being said, with my low ability on off-road and not having been able to try much with my 800XRT (so not WP), I still felt more in control than on the Africa twin, I think bike geometry at least to me is more relevant than the exact hardware, the lower weight and different position of the Tiger suited me better, so maybe try the bike to see if you get along better because with all the changes of COG and position, maybe it will be better for some and worse for others.
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