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Hi folks, time to get a new skid lid and I was wondering if you guys have any recommendations.
I have a HJC RPHA 90 at the moment which Is ok but  a bit noisy.
I prefer the modular helmets.
What do you guys consider  the best all rounder ? 

I'm on my second Schuberth C3 Pro one of the quietest helmets and modular. Tried a C4 pro and the fit has changed. It was impossible. I wear the extra large.

I use this for touring -

Full face , pin lock visor, great periferal vision and chin peice is removable in warmer weather for increased ventilation. The visor is also deep(when removed) so you still have a full face coverage in the rain, accident  :114: :114:
Also the top ventilation is one of the best I've seen, you can actually feel the cooling efect when it's open..

Schuberth E1 for touring/marshalling - I remove the sun visor when touring and then it is nice, quiet and stable - modular allows me to smoke when stopped or ride with it up when going slow through town/scenery

Arai X4 for adventure riding - E1 does not have enough airflow for dirt riding

Nolan N100-5
Way better than the Schuberth C3 it replaced. Less noise, feels lighter, excellent vision and ventilation.


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