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Hello, I've got a 2013 Tiger 800 and just finished a shim replacement as part of the 12,000 mile service. I purchased DealerTool with the ODB connector and went to adjust my throttle balance which unfortunately I might have screwed up by messing with the second cylinder screw. The manual says in bold letters "DO NOT attempt to adjust the throttle stop screw, located below the idle stepper motor. The stop screw is set at the factory during manufacture, and must not be adjusted."

What I adjusted was a 7mm bolt for the second cylinder, not sure if that's the "stop screw" but I've got it "balanced" now with the DealerTool, however, when I rev to 4,000RPM it says adjust.

Can I get some insight into what's going on and what to do, if anything, about that? This is my first time servicing a bike so I'm a novice at this. Appreciate any feedback!

For instance, if that 7mm bolt is in fact the stop screw I wasn't supposed to mess with, how do I go about setting that back to the factory setting?


The adjustment for the balancing is done on cyl 1 and 3 phillips-head screws, one on each throttle body, not a hex head. Not sure what the 7mm hexhead is that you are referring to. maybe a pic?
The idle speed is set not by a screw but  by the ECU which controls the stepper motor. You can set that with your Dealertool.

The balance of the throttle bodies is primarily dominant at low/idle speeds. At 4000+ RPM is has minimal effect.

Thank you for the reply.

I have a few issues here:

1. In adjusting throttle balancing I foolishly messed with cylinder 2, which is controlled by a 7mm hex nut, not a screw, and this nut is on top of the idle speed control stepper motor, see circle "2" in the image.
2. When I got it balanced at 66:66:66 and I put the airbox back on, its no longer "balanced". It instead has cylinder two a bit higher at 66:69:66 (see balanced with airbox on image), although at any RPM except idle it was reading as balanced. See the attached "balanced" image. Furthermore, with the airbox on it seemed to be idling a bit higher than I recall from a cold start, but nothing out of the ordinary; perhaps I'm reading too much into it there.
3. In trying to address issue #2, I now really screwed up and tried adjusting cylinder 2 again. At one point I stalled the bike and couldn't get it to start again, however, I finally have it starting back up but cylinder 2 is 10kpa higher than 1 & 3 with ~70:81:73 and now tightening cylinder 2 just seems to stall the bike. Note, the idle speed stepper motor resets itself after the bike has been off for ~30 seconds. Maybe the "factory reset" has something to do with that?

So I now know in the future don't mess with cylinder 2, but how do I get this back to normal? Is there something different the dealer would do here other than just get pissed-off trying to find the right balance? Appreciate any insight, I can't find any useful info online about getting cylinder 2 set back to the factory setting.

Also, what are you guys setting your throttle balancing to? The manual says 64kpa but the bike seems happier ~68 and that's what it was before I started playing with it.

Grateful for any feedback!

Ok, with some more playing around I'm back to balanced at 65:65:65, which is good. Gonna recheck tomorrow after a cold-start, warm and then after 5-10 minutes of running to see if its still balanced and then I'll try the airfilter and airbox installed  curious if anyone else had that issue though.

For anyone else in this situation, I was able to gauge what to reset it to by eyeballing the balance to begin with. You can visually see if they're balanced or not if they're way off to begin with, then follow the computer for the rest as you adjust.

Hopefully I can go riding this weekend!

Good to see your back in balance now. Yes, you're right in finishing off with the air filter on.


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