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SATNAV for 2017 800 XCA


My 2017 XCA came with a handlebar mounting plate for a SATNAV but I am not sure what the 4 fixing holes in it are compatible with - the manual mentions compatibility with Garmin Nuvi SATNAVs. I've been looking at Garmin Zumo SATNAVs whose mounting cradle appears to have 4 x mounting screws but can anyone confirm these are compatible with my 800 XCA mounting plate?

If it is the same Triumph handlebar bracket as my 2015 XRt, like this one ...

then it definitely takes the Zumo 390LM mount .

which is likely a common standard 4 hole fixing.

I have since moved my satnav to an Andy Harmston bracket. :028:

Definitely works for TomTom too, as I had the Rider550 mounted there.
Since then I've mounted it above the Tiger clocks though, as it's dangerous to look that low imo

If I had a real need to use a SATNAV, I would also mount it above the dash. However, I'm fitting one simply to have one available just in case I ever need it which is probably unlikely!

Agreed, for ease it's a great place to mount the Navs. Central and hassle free. Those who use Bluetooth headsets never need to look just listen, which is best


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