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    Re: MEGAMEET 2020 - Coronavirus
    Reply #10 on: Mar 16, 2020, 10.59 am
    Mar 16, 2020, 10.59 am
    *Originally Posted by Derchef1962 [+]
    I am posting here as I do not see a new thread on this topic.

    I see the chances of the Megameet taking place in May getting lower and lower every day. Yes it is still 8 weeks ahead but I do not think the measurements takien up by the various countries involved will stop end of April. Over here in Germany public life is about to stop right now: no concerts, no football matches with supporters etc. etc.

    As some of you know I am a Type I diabetic so I am more vulnerable to a virus disease than others in my age. As I'd rather die in the saddle then in a hospital bed as they say I'd like to keep my risk catching the virus as low as possible while keeping up with my every day life as normal as possible. That does include reducing the contact to groups of people.

    This being so I guess to get in contact with the Hotel and check what the possibilities are to postpone the Meet to September or so is something one should do right now. It is totally up to Dai and the others organising this Meet whether to actually postpone it or hope for the best. I fully support any of your decisions but may need to cancel my booking if the situation is not getting really better.

    It is really sad though, I had my routes already planned through France, going from Cherbourg to Portsmouth by ferry etc. etc. and I was really looking forward to do the trip, meet you guys and have fun.

    But I guess with the current situation we cannot turn a blind eye to this.

    Please see the thread here,,27622.0.html.
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    Re: MEGAMEET 2020 - Coronavirus
    Reply #11 on: Mar 16, 2020, 11.09 am
    Mar 16, 2020, 11.09 am
    ok let's discuss Dai's options in the other thread
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