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Adding Blood Bike Insurance

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Hello All

Looking for advice on adding Blood Bike cover to my insurance which is up for renewal.

I have recently added panniers to my bike and can now carry samples for Norfolk Blood Bikes.  We are beginning to cover daytime movements to help out the microbiology labs in Norfolk who are a bit busy at the moment for obvious reasons.

All our blood deliveries are done using liveried NBB bikes but we can use our own for samples.

My current insurer Carol Nash quoted £245 renewal which covers both my bikes (Xcx and 1969 Trophy).  However when I told them I wanted to add BB cover this went up to well over £500 which I will not pay.

Bennetts couldn't contact the underwriters (no idea why) and said try again at the end of next week!

Does anyone have experience of this problem and how I might solve it?  Most of my work has been cancelled for the foreseeable future (musician) so I have time on my hands and want to help but our dysfunctional insurance industry is effectively blocking me.  Help please!   :440:

Sorry for the rambling post but I am frustrated.   :157:


I'm no expert but as it's not for commercial gain could it be classed as 'social'?

I thought the blood bikes arranged the insurance for their riders/drivers?

Originally Posted by Rtwo I thought the blood bikes arranged the insurance for their riders/drivers?

That’s true when we’re using the liveried bikes and cars.  This is for when we use our own vehicles. I told my car insurance provider and they said fine, no problem.

‘Social’ use doesn’t cover it apparently.

Even though this is charity / non gain Insurance just sees increased risk, hence the increase. You might get a better quote from Bennetts but I suspect somewhere in-between your original quote and CN


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