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Adding Blood Bike Insurance

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Iím a rider with Northumbria Blood Bikes although we only ever use the charityís bikes and never our own. We also insist on riders having an Advanced Riding qualification such as IAM or ROSPA. I did my advanced riding with IAM and have stayed a member which allows me to use the IAM Surety insurance scheme. That insurance automatically covers riders who use their own bikes as IAM Observers. When I mentioned to IAM Surety that I am a Blood Biker I was told that I am also automatically covered to use my bike for that as well. Might be worth a look if youíre an IAM member.

Thanks Fazer thatís a good idea. I am IAM (same requirement for Norfolk BB) so Iíll give them a ring tomorrow.



I have had my bike insurance with IAM Surety for a number of years because they always match the best price I have found elsewhere for like-for-like cover. Donít be shy to tell them the best price youíve had elsewhere if their first price is high. They may want proof of your best price and Iíve sometimes set up a temporary password on an online site then given it to them so they can see that my best price is real.

Good luck. Hope you get sorted so you can support Norfolk Blood Bikes in their efforts to help deal with the effects of the Coronavirus.

Good luck Alex
Makes you wonder how our insurers minds work when they think its OK to increase the premium when you let them know what you are intending to do...., and why.
Stay safe matey.

I'm a Bloodbiker with North West Lancs and Lakes insured with Carol Nash. I always use my own bike and when I told them a couple of years ago they entered it on their records and didn't charge me any more as far as I'm aware.


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