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Original Luke Warm Grips

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I bought some heating elements years ago for my ZRX1100. They just glued onto the bars and your original grips slid over the top. To be honest they were way to hot on the high setting. Wonder if you could fit those under the heated grips and connect into the loom that way?

There is a cheap and very effective option that I fitted.

You can buy cheap elements that are set into transparent tape which are typically fitted to dirt bikes.

The wiring is via a simple 2 position switch, low heat is via a resistor which is pretty much a waste of time but the high heat is very effective.
However the trick is to stick and tape the elements onto the 'outside' of the standard rubber grip then install new foam grips over that. I used a product called Rippa Grips. They are way more comfortable than just the standard grips anyway.

So the benefit of doing it this way is that the element is only just under the outer foam grip, there is no heat lost into the bar.
Overall cost was around $60 for the elements and say $20 for the Rippa grips which are a investment in comfort anyway. It only draws around .3 of a volt, eg if you normally run around 14.1 0r 14.2 it will run around high 13.9 / 13.8 volts.

Took a while to route all the wiring and cut and re solder to get rid of the excess wiring etc. but I chose to mount the switch near the  display rather than up on the bars. Bar mounted switch would have been way easier installation.

So low heat is pretty much ineffective but high is very toasty.... no heat loss and the foam grip does not act as a barrier.

They are sh*t, I have fitted oxford grips on my 2018Xr,so much better than the Triumph ones on my 2013

It seems many of us have different experiences of the OEM heated grips, the ones on my 2015 XRx are working fine at 30k miles. On other bikes, I have used the R&G heated grips and would continue to do so if necessary.

Triumph grips probably won't ruin your gloves. Excessive heat not good for leather.


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