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Going back last year I was looking for advice on tuning with Power Commander and Autotune.

Having then gone to a bike tuner and getting a map created on the dyno, plus a few minor adjustments put the bike in a way more responsive situation with around 10% better fuel economy.

Was never really happy with the Scorpion Muffler, way too loud without the baffle and restricted with 1/2 the baffle.

So whilst pondering my next move I decided to swap the Akrapovic muffler from my Bandit to the Triumph and noticed it was cleaner down low and not overly loud....  :028:

That got me to thinking time to play with the Commander and the AutoTune and the maps.

Watched some online You Tube video, and one guy in particular who was playing around had some really good feedback.

So I saved my Dyno Map, then accepted the Auto Tune tabs and had a good look through the Fuel tab numbers and the relationships.

As this guy said if you have largish values and/or swings and slides numbers (= % of fuel + or - to black box) ... then manually balance them out a bit becasue that reflects a bad tune. He had some examples and that made sense. Why would you have =15 in one cell then go +10 and then back into random negative again.

So the dyno map tabs were very swings and slides with large negative numbers in one cell going to positive in the next and then negative and up and down like a board game.
This was obviously compromised by the static environment of a dyno and not reflecting a 'ride' situation.

I accepted the first AutoTune tab table and it had a bit of that so I averaged the values out, if there were plus and minus I input the centre point or just zero'd.

Then went for a ride with a bit of Freeway and some open throttle when possible etc. Put the bike back on the PC then accepted the new Tabs, studied them and did some more averaging.

Next ride, WHOA how smooth is this, right from throttle open all the way through to the Red.

So the little vibrations and blips at certain revs are gone, (like the one from first to second around 3500) the steady mixture goes straight through what used to be the start of the 4k powerband feeling and omg look at the speedo....

So the fuel tabs are now way flatter and in the low numbers in typically the areas when you are on the gas and or it needs gas.

Next strategy is to do a long ride with higher speeds and throttle openings and get more values in against that map.... if it wasn't for Corona virus ...damn.

Then i could explore a second map on a toggle switch which would give me say a normal street map, and say a high country/touring map or a balance of Summer/Winter.

Bottom line, using the Autotune and averaging out some of the fuel tabs makes a huge difference.    :046: :047:

For those who change air filters, mid pipes, mufflers etc, Auto Tune is the way to get the best bang from the mods.


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