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Hi, My question is, has anyone looked at or fitted these cameras to the front and rear of there motorcycle, I am trying to get any information on the quality and build of the camera system,  ( I can't afford the Innovv K2 system at 300.00 ). You can look at the system on eBay using the number below.  In advance Thanks for any feed back. Ponch101

Blueskysea B1M HD 1080P  motorcycle drive recorder has dual 1080P cameras on the front and rear and can record high-quality HD video. The frame rate is 30fps

eBay item number:274140388014

Hi Ponch. Not got one myself but you've peaked my interest as I was looking at the Innovv cameras as well but didn't like the cost either! Looking into these they do seem to get some good reviews. They were on Amazon at some point and got some decent reviews

I think for just over a hundred quid may be worth a punt and a job to do on lockdown!

Good review been put up today on youtube

I too was looking for something like this, its the quality of the pictures that is putting me off. Anyone got either system and is happy with the video quality?


Have you seen the videos?
Youtube does not get anywhere near replicating the quality you'd see viewing the files directly, that goes for all camera systems


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