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Thanks for the quick reply.

That's the point, all the videos I have seen are from Youtube and the quality looks dire. Anywhere else I can get a different view would be good please?

You could try techmoan

I'll take a look. Thanks again.

Little H:
I've had the Innovv camera system since 2016 but not yet fitted it to this bike. I only mounted the front camera as I was using it for recording tours. The camera was mounted on the screen and the DVR unit under the seat. The picture quality was fine, but I did not like the way it recorded anything red and I later found out that this was because there is no IR filter in the camera. It seems all the cheap/small camera systems are the same and this is why you can use your smartphone for IR photography.

Vibration was an issue for me, as at certain engine revs the picture would start to become wavy as it went through a beat frequency. I also saw this on previous cameras I had tried. In the end I developed a damping system using a kind of sticky plastic that drummers use on cymbals. The cameras are guaranteed waterproof and they are. Mine saw some prolonged torrential rain and never faltered.

The DVR unit has GPS sensor unit that shows coordinates and speed. You can hide speed at any chosen speed limit. There is also a file protection button if you want to retain say an incident as the unit overwrites files when the card is full. The reason I initially chose the Innovv was the DVR unit and the permanent power connection, so no faff with batteries when on tour.

All in all it does the job, but as you say is not cheap. It's a Chinese company that takes an existing in-car system and hardens it for bike use and I found their customer service to be excellent with next day responses to any questions.   

Thanks for that Little H. A bit more research required by me I think.


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