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Hi guy's i want to lower my gearing i find first is a bit to high in really rough terrain not shore weather to change front or back sprocket and hope fully don't have to replace chain any suggestions would be great cheers stay safe !

it would be cheaper and easy-er to go down one tooth on the front sprocket

Note that, in theory going down in the front will add stress and wear on the chain, also making the wheelbase longer.
Going 3 tooth up on the rear will theoretically reduce the wear and shorten the wheelbase, which might be preferable, the significance in real life of this wear, I don't know but the gain in traction will be similar.

Your best friend all is explained : https://www.gearingcommander.com/

Thanks guys was thinking doing front but was a bit worried of maybe wearing out wear pads i did the front on my t 120 witch made a big difference in traffic  cheers for feed back  Craig


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