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Hi there,

I am checking hotels at the moment as there might be a big run next year when the crisis is hopefully over.

I have an offer here which is 65 Euros/single room and 75 Euro/double room including breakfast, prices are per room and night not per person. Cancellation is free of charge prior 7 days of arrival. Hotel has a restaurant main dishes between 16 and 30 Euros. There is a bar as well no idea what the prices are like don't think they are too heavy.

It's kind of a business hotel next to the motorway so it's easy to reach and a good starting point for the tours I planned so far. So don't expect a traditional hotel with 300 years of history.

Is that reasonable in your eyes? If so I'd try and block 20 rooms and you can book directly there. With that cancellation policy no risk at all..

:028: ..... that's fine with me, as it's more about good location for the rides (for me) than how much the accommodation offers above and beyond a clean room, bed and bathroom. Definately a single room for me if you're after possible number indicators before confirming details.

Sounds good to me Uli - count me in, single or double as available.


Hey guys thank you so much for that reply. Seeing the familiar names here and thinking that under normal circumstances I'd be drinking myself half blind with you lot on this very Friday... Oh well we'll survive this somehow

@wullie: how is life at your end I guess a total stand still professional wise hope you can cope with the situation
@Stevie : missing your no nonsense approach in real life, whatever you post here is read but not the same thing

All good here thanks Uli.  My girls are at home (I rescued one from university in London just before the lockdown).  No work for me but finances are fine and the weather helps.  It is much harder for those with an uncertain income and no garden so I have nothing to complain about.

I was planning to bore you with my planned trip to Norway in the summer (just me, the tiger and a tent for 4 weeks).  Not feeling too optimistic about that happening now though...

Hope all good with you - sounds like you are getting out on your bike a bit more than us.  Even the Blood Bikes in Norfolk are not too busy (fewer accidents and fewer operations I suppose) although we are beginning to move testing kits and samples around.

Hello to you too Steve, see you in October I hope. Keep that old Bonny in good shape!   :031:

Wullie (AKA Alex)   :300:


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