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2011 800 issue of potential low on power?

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after running my new to me 800 for almost 2k miles, i experienced something new today coming home from work.. i was accelerating around the 4-6k rpm area and when i closed the throttle a little bit, the exhaust note changed drastically. i accelerated a little more while the note changed and all of a sudden i had really really fast acceleration.. the power difference was like jumping from a 400cc bike to a 600cc crotch rocket.. might i have been running the bike with an issue this whole time? what might this issue be?

i always thought the 800 was a little slow and super gas guzzly

I just realized i can hold my hand on the middle cylinder header. no check engine light though

Definitely sounds like a middle cylinder issue, as in not firing. The ECU should flag up a fault light and code for fuel injector or ignition coil anomolies so I'd be tempted to think it's possibly a mechanical issue .... like a sticking valve or something.  :084:

I'll pull the tank off tonight and start with a compression/leakdown test and spark plug reading. I'll post those findings shortly after. any advice in the meantime will help

Defective spark plug or coil popped off the plug.

Easiest things to check first.


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