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caliper refurbish

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The plan was to completely refurbish my calipers all round. After a good look the rear is in excellent shape and I've managed to keep the piston in great condition.

The fronts though needed work so I was going to get service kits but didn't want the bike of the road. Managed to find a complete set of calipers on the bay, even better they were here in Ireland so I bought them. When they arrived I couldn't believe how good a condition they were in. Definitely didn't see any winter time, so I fired the fronts and will refurbish my originals at my leisure.

"new" calipers

Nice. No ABS on yours?

No abs. Very early - 1st Tiger registered in Ireland excluding dealer demo bikes - March 2011. Wasn't available when I ordered mine in Feb 2011.

How did you bleed them?

Hose in a jar of fluid and pump them or use a syringe to draw the fluid through?

Vacuum pump. 50ml syringe works just as well. I did have to put 5 wraps of PTFE tape on the bleed screw threads to stop air being drawn through them.


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