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Noticed today on my 2015 tiger that when I pull up at a junction in second and stop she won't go down to first, when I got home I left bike running and tried shifting up and down and nothing happens unless I release the clutch slightly and then it will change gear.
Any suggestions.

Not likely to be the usual shifter return spring problem because you can move through the gears and I assume you can still feel the 'return to center'.
Hopefully it's simply the clutch cable out of adjustment. Try that first. You have to get both shafts moving inside the gear box to get the gear dogs to engage, which is what you are doing when you let the clutch out slightly and roll the bike a bit.
Make sure your oil level is correct and within service limits.
Do the basics before thinking about more sinister reasons.

I agree with Chuck. The clutch adjustment is thing I would look at then the age and amount of the gearbox oil.
If neither of those works take a look at this thread.


Thanks for reply folks, looked and adjusted cable yesterday with no luck, only picked up in December from a triumph garage with the full 12000 servece carried out b4 pick up, it's still under warranty and with presant conditions not travelled far 😂

Time to pay a visit to the seller. :232:



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