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2014 Tiger 800 ABS, Battlax T30 Tire Pressures


When I switched from the stock tires to the Battlax T30s, I started with the handbook pressures of 36/42 psi f/r. I found cornering unsettling in that as I leaned into a corner, the rear wheel took a set at a larger radius than the front. It was as if the rear wheel was misaligned and not pointed straight. However, the sensation existed in turns in both directions. I got used to it after a few miles so I tolerated it for a while. Finally I decided to try to fix it.

What I ended up doing was changing the tire pressures to 38/38 psi f/r. That settled everything down and the rear wheel began tracking the front wheel as it should. I hope this helps at least one other rider. 😐


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