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Tiger 900 deliveries?

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Just wondering if anyone has any information about deliveries since Triumph dealers are starting to reopen on a limited basis. Mine was originally due late March so getting twitchy throttle wrist.
My dealer reopened last week with a skeleton staff and no direct customer contact(i.e. in showroom)but could deliver new bikes. However very vague about supply situation from factory.

Iím in the same boat as you. Should have arrived the week we went into lockdown. My dealer e mailed me on 6th May to say he had managed to get triumph to deliver some sold bikes, mine being one of them. They told him they should get to him within 5-10 days, so that meant next week at the latest. Iím waiting with bated breath. He promised to give it vip treatment and deliver as soon as possible. Fingers tightly crossed.

Same here, expected early April BC (before coronavirus).

Local dealer hasn't opened properly yet but sent them an email Monday to ask if there was any information.  I did get a reply that the bike was 'in transit' which I assume means somewhere between Thailand and UK.  No idea when it will turn up.

Slightly more frustrating as I sold my bike a couple of months ago, so have a very tidy garage  :001: .


Yes my explorer went jan 31 st so have been really fed up with this delay as well

Still waiting for mine.  I ordered the GT Low back in February cause of my short ass legs.  Dealer keeps telling me it's coming next week.  That was 4 weeks ago.  The worst part is I sold my old bike back in February as well so I have nothing to ride and our riding season in Ontario, Canada is not that long.


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